School Supplies Needed for New Americans

The New American office of Lutheran Social Services has informed us that they need help with supplying school supplies to some families that will be arriving in Grand Forks soon.  

They desperately need school supplies, school bags and any kinds of winter clothing/boots, etc.  They are expecting to need items for 17 students. 

Age 4 & under – 2 boys              

7-10 yrs. – 3 boys & 1 girl

12-14 yrs. – 1 boy & 3 girls

15-16 yrs. – 2 boys & 1 girl

1 – 18 yr. old girl              

1 – 19 yr. old girl

2 – 20 yr. old girls

Your donations can be dropped off at their office downtown, or brought to St. Mark’s.  We will see that they are delivered.

Thank you for your generosity.

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